Dr. Paul Weinhold has a Ph.D. in psychology combined with neuroscience.

Early in his career, Dr. Weinhold conducted research in the psychological and biological basis of behavior and the impact of drug interventions while at a leading behavioral health medical center. He maintains a private practice in applied behavioral medicine, life coaching and sports psychology on Long Island and Manhattan. Dr. Weinhold has also served as consultant for wellness programs, with prominent health clubs and is the sports psychologist for the Ross School Tennis Academy.

Dr. Weinhold is a long time member of the American Psychological Association including divisions: Society for General Psychology, Psychotherapy, Health Psychology, Psychologists in Private Practice and Exercise and Sport Psychology. He is also an Associate Fellow of the Institute for Rational Living and member of World Scientific Congress of Golf. Dr. Weinhold has appeared on numerous TV programs and was featured in several radio talk shows, as well as quoted and interviewed by a number of prominent periodicals and newspapers.